A quick word on the usefulness of Froebel style of education

As parents, it is extremely important for you to know about different schooling systems. Firstly, it will help you find out which style is more suitable for your child. Then, you will be able to tell as to which style will help him learn better. There is no definite word as to which style is the best. Truth to be told, both styles have their benefits and are equally popular around the world. It is up to you to choose one for your kid, just as it is your decision to choose between a pre-school or day care centers in Abu Dhabi. Both Froebel and Montessori were famous for their particular styles of teaching. On one hand, Froebel came with the theory that children need to be taught using play and creativity, whereas, on the other hand, Montessori favored an easy-going way of teaching and allow children to take their time while learning. It is true that both styles have their benefits, but the final decision is yours.

What Froebel thought

He was one of the most influential educational thinkers or a reformist of his time. He had years of experience of philosophy and had the insight into understanding as to what would be the best way of teaching. He believed that humans possess remarkable abilities to learn and that can be utilized by using a particular method. He emphasized that involving children into games would be a great way of nurturing their talents.


He came up with the method, but back in the day, this method was rudimentary. Today, kindergarten is arguably one of the most popular pre-school methods in the world. This method focuses on teaching with discipline, but also provides freedom to teachers to teach. The overall basics of the system will remain intact, and the curriculum will be prepared accordingly.


The crux of kindergarten as an educational system emphasizes teaching children when they are between 4-6 years. Keep in mind that this is the age when your kid will be admitted to a kindergarten school. Exceeding 6 years means that the school may not admit the child.

The effectiveness of this style is not in question. It all comes down to whether you want to choose one system or another for your kid. See this here to learn more about schooling systems and what you should look for before admitting your kid into a specific system.

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